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The Urbanists are an eclectic group of singers. They have been merging the energizing sounds of UK house, garage, RnB, hip hop and other forms of urban music to create a distinctive sound that both uplifts and empowers. Their artistic style is sometimes soulful and sometimes chilled.

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What makes this music group stand out is how the individual vocal parts in some of works seamlessly create a cohesive whole, sounding like one voice. Featured artists include singer Bim-Jo Coker (aka Jo Coker) and singer songwriter/music producer Priscilla Angelique.

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Featured Artists

Featured Artist: Priscilla Angelique

The Urbanists founder and producPriscilla Angelique is a London based British singer songwriter, music producer and academic. Influenced by jazz music and early hip hop culture she developed her style as a scat singer giving her a jazzy vocal and soulful vibe. She produces soulful house, UK garage and nu jazz among other styles of dance music. Whether being compared to Jill Scott, Estelle or Ms Dynamite she is forging her way through the underground music scene and is one to watch out for.


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Featured Artist: Bim-Jo Coker

Bim-Jo Coker, also know as Jo Coker featured on three remixes of The Urbanists single ‘I’ll Fly’ (UK Garage/dance track). The remixes mash up drum and bass, electro house grooves and tech house synths. Her earthy and mellow vocals paint a beautiful forefront for the tracks.


Original Group Members: Priscilla Angelique, Jo Coker, Stephanie Cayless, Hayley Sollom, Millie Stewart, Jo Curran, Kerry Ditchfield and Matt England.